Tracking Urbex YouTubers

"One giant leap


for mankind"

-- Buzz Armstrong



1. Shiey - Mission Through Deep Under-City Passage Tunnels

Shiey and Anton (BadCat) entered the underground tunnels from a manhole cover next to a park bench on Lesi Ukrainky Blvd, near Hospitalna Street.


Google Maps - Google maps shows images from 2015 with a homeless person sleeping on the bench next to the manhole. Since then, the fencing has been removed.



2. Shiey - Mission To Secret Russian Space Research Station -


Google Maps - The Ionospheric Research Station (Instytut Ionosfery Nan Ta Mon Ukrayiny is located on a road called Taranivsʹke Shose, that runs West from the city of Zmiiv, Ukraine.




3. Shiey - Train Surfing Journey To The Black Sea | Part 3


Google Maps - walking along Baseina Street.


Google Maps - Ibis gun shop to buy pepper spray, propane, and food.


Shiey showing his location on Google Maps.



The clump of trees where Shiey spent the night outside Zhmerynka, Ukraine....


Google Maps shows this sign. Shiey walking back to the train station in Zhmerynka, Ukraine.




Google Maps - Shiey finally arrived at Sunset Beach in Odessa, looking back at the Mini Hotel Mirage (Мини отель Мираж) and the Palm Hotel.