PUBLIC NOTICE: use of JPX in feature film

Lost In Transit: the Junkyard Willie Movie is a feature film movie about a fictitious package delivery company called "JPX". At least twice during the movie the letters are visually identified to stand for "Jammin' Package Express".   The essence of the film is the exaggerated comedic exploits of Junkyard Willie and his "gang", who smash up customer's packages, deliver them by throwing them out of an airplane, block the street with the delivery truck, and exaggerated attitudes of the JPX customer service representatives at the customer counter and on the phone. Junkyard Willie and his gang also steal packages which have been entrusted to the company for delivery.

The movie features "Randy Ratchet" from a metal band called "Toxic Sludge".  Also a band called "Spiders and Bed Bugs", alternately spelled "Spiders and Bed Bugz".

The producer(s) of movie do not intend to portray, represent, endorse, depict, or be associated with any real product, company, organization, band or service (such as the fictitious ones listed above).

Principal photography on Lost In Transit began in 2002.  Intention is for the movie to be released world wide.

In the movie (Jammin' Package Express) UPX is a US delivery company in the business of transportation and express delivery of goods by truck and plane.