THE CAST (Under Construction)


Michael H. Goodwyn  starring as "JUNKYARD WILLIE"


Levi Powell  starring as "BLADE the DRUNKEN ROCKER"

Randy Ratchett from legendary metal band Toxic Sludge special guest starring as himself

Mary Carey as sexy doctor's patient

Kira Eggers

Beverly Lynne

Erika Jordan

Lee Wells, Jr as Clarence Washington, broadcast announcer

Lenny Rose as the CEO

Mark Schrier as office worker

William Frederick as hotel desk clerk

Darcy Donovan as "Daisy"

Fancy Ray McCloney as the Revival Healer

Miriam Lebental as Irate Customer

Debra Williams

Noe Gonzalez as "Tactic"

Shonelle Blake as "Single Bitch #1"

Lisa Gail as "Single Bitch #3"

Phoebe Price


Larry Sands

Freddy Morales

Fred Coury

Steve Talt as police officer

Todd Pliss as backstage at revival

Promise Ryan as rude employee

Will Shupe as liquor store owner

Joe Mannetti as angry commuter

Marina Blumenthal

Brandon Stacy as guy harassed by cops

Dustin Type as guy harassed by cops

Ethan Rill

Michael McCoy as ring announcer

Roger Sampson as hot head supervisor

Mark Preston Miller

Hristo Ivanov as kid on plane

Matt Vera as Altoid

Hunor Tasnadi

Darren Thomas

Michael Nance

Gabe Gomez

Vic Tally as Minister

Bruce Eason as singing customer

Denise Gossett as news reporter

Frankie Saverino as the intruder

April Wade as healed girl

Susan Hale as customer

Jessica Silvetti

Ryan Ramos

Garrison Koch

E. Preston Scott as blind man

Don Worley

Julie Sands

Eddie Macias 

Scotty Ferguson 

Amanda Holmgren

Sam Bologna

Tim Henning

Curtis Byrd

Aaron Aguilera as Big Bad Butch Blackstone

Kelli Motel as ring girl

Doug Wilson

Hans Hernke as Valet guy

Frank De Leon

Sam Lipman


Voice Talent (in alphabetical order)

Sara Barrett

Charmain Crook

D Style

Poppy Davis

Shamika Franklin

Phil Hersh

Diana Jellinek

Amy Lindsay

Dave Mitchell

Lee Anne Moore

Paul Morquecho Jr

Jason Nova

Yumi Oh

Flora Price

Markham Reilly

Jessie Schneiderman

Jeff Scott

Makini Thomas

Stephen Visocan

Mary Votava

Zondra Wilson


Music by

Vertigo ˘hildren

Dave Waterbury / the X-OTX

George Seymour & the SteelRail Bluegrass band

Tommy Train vocalist

Marshall Law / NOMA Music


Lost In Transit Trivia

SMALL WORLD: By pure chance, Brandon Stacy and Dustin Type were both cast and appear in the Seether video "Remedy", AND they were also cast and will appear in the same scene in Lost In Transit.


A Lost In Transit "cargo plane" scene was shot inside the same plane set that was used in the movie Airplane. Watch for a Lost In Transit parody of the Airplane scene with little "Joey".


The scene in which the rock star cops pull over the guys and harass them was shot at around 7956 Orion Avenue in Van Nuys, CA.


The scene in which Randy Ratchett meets Blade was shot in the alley near 7217 Woodley Ave in Van Nuys, CA.




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