TOUCH-TONE TERRORISTS 2 - A Permanent Lapse of Reason

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OVERVIEW: Touch-Tone Terrorism became a household name when Howard Stern aired 5 cuts off this CD. Steve & D.C. (St. Louis), KQRC (Kansas City), KYLD (San Francisco), and Jonathan Brandmeier are a few others who've aired this classic collection. The CD features 5 INBOUND calls for customer service. 

TRACK LISTING Call discription:
Angry Janitor 5:16 Janitor interrogates an office worker over a big DUMP that was left in the toilet. Call subject laughs so hard he must be in TEARS! This call is the Touch-Tone Terrorist's personal favorite call. As heard on WMZK.
Scooter's Refund 2:06 EXTREME redneck call to an auto mechanic. As heard on KLAQ (El Paso), Howard Stern on Jan. 31, 2000.
Retarded Water Survey From Hell 4:32 Illiterate hillbilly conducts a phone survey. As heard on WHAS (Louisville), KQRC (Kansas City)
Drunk Construction Worker 2:38 Drunk calls in late for work! As heard on Steve and DC Show (St. Louis).
Where Be My Bootie 2:37 Pimp talks Ebonics to a salesman at lightning speed! KQRC (Kansas City),
Jim Bob's introduction :22  
Birthday Present 3:34 EXTREME INBOUND CALL KQRC (Kansas City), Howard Stern on Feb 28, 2000.
Mongoloid Moron 2:38 EXTREME INBOUND CALL As heard on Howard Stern.
Calm Your Ass Down 2:31 EXTREME INBOUND CALL
We Get To Drink 5:15 EXTREME INBOUND CALL As heard on Johnathan Brandmeier, Steve and DC Show, Howard Stern. Don't be talkin trash!
Cemetery Party 3:53 Prank call to the president of a cemetery!
Hubcap Beating 2:52 Auto mechanic listens to stooge-like redneck behavior.
Scooter's Generators 4:56 EXTREME redneck call to an auto mechanic
Jim Bob's Casting Call 8:11 Redneck conducts over-the-phone casting for his film! As heard on Steve and DC Show.
Rude Lube 4:44 EXTREME INBOUND CALL for "____ Lube" As heard on Howard Stern March 1, 2000.
Porta-Potty II 3:11 "Willie" wants to have a portable toilet set up permanently in his living room.
Locksmith 3:34 Redneck has chewing tobacco stuck inside keyhole. KQRC (Kansas City),
Lost Colostomy Bag 2:00 Old man has lost his prosthetic sack on golf course. KQRC (Kansas City)
Drunk Insurance Rep 2:40 INBOUND CALL for an insurance company
Angry Janitor 3:21 Janitor blames office worker for leaving a big DUMP in toilet.
Total running time: approx. 71 minutes.