The re-release of CD #3 is scheduled for late October 2005.  It will feature 2 new calls.

ABOVE: cover of CD #3 (Click Here for image of reverse side)

By popular demand 17 of the 18 calls on this CD feature inbound wrong number calls for various businesses. If you want customer abuse ...then YOU GOT IT! Shock comedy connoisseurs will be all over this CD like graffiti vandals on a spay paint sale at the hardware store!

With 90's cost cutting and company downsizing, quality customer service seems to have become a thing of the past . We've all called up a customer service number and got the run-around, got put on hold too long, got treated like a number, had to deal with incompetent reps, etc. ...But it was NEVER THIS BAD! People calling IN for various businesses clash with mean, nasty (and phony) "phone representatives" that could care less about courteous, high quality service. 

 TTT3 - "Customer Service Disasters" (73 minutes) - released October 3, 2000

1. Jive Ass Hussy 7:32 - Angry ongoing clash between Junkyard Willie and a woman who needs to coordinate a "package pickup".  As heard on Howard Stern on October 3, 2000.

2. Should Have Sent the Damn Thing Sooner 6:59 - Husband and wife absolutely blow their fuses over Jim Bob and Willie's rude, unacceptable behavior. As heard on Howard Stern on October 4, 2000 and October 6, 2000.

3. Excuse Me! 1:20 - When was the last time someone working in customer service said to you "...If you would just shut up for a minute and let me explain to you..." ??? 

4. Rude Bird Brain 4:47 - How on earth did retarded Jim Bob get hired for this job! This conversation finally descends to childish name calling.

5. Pee in Yo Gas Tank 1:47 - Yet another outbound Scooter call!

6. Rude Reps in Cubicles 6:03 - Jim Bob and Willie drive these two customers nuts! As heard on Howard Stern on October 11, 2000.

7. Pay YO Damn Bill 1:44 - Junkyard Willie tells a customer to among other things "Pay yo damn bill and stop yakin' and complaining".

8. Human Resources 5:41 - Getting a job at this company will require dealing with a loud mouth, rude supervisor named Willie!

9. Damage Claim 2:30 - Customer has a broken computer monitor that was damaged in shipment but the customer service rep stubbornly won't let his company accept any responsibility. Angry call! As heard on WLDI

10. Customer Service Wackos 4:45 - Constant rude response finally provokes an angry response from an otherwise friendly customer!

11. Look on Your Damn Calander :51 - Loan customer only wants to find out what DATE she took out a loan ...but instead gets told to "Look on yo damn calendar". Anger and childish name calling follows! As heard on Howard Stern on Sept 14, 2000, WNWS (Jackson, TN), WMMS (Cleveland), ManQueer

12. Drunk Phone Company Rep 3:44 - Blade has been boozing it up and doing Quaaludes ...and working for the phone company. Like the twilight zone!

13. Fools in the Mailroom 7:55 - A woman gets the run-around and complete worthless service from Blade and Jim Bob while trying to find a package. As a remedy Jim Bob tells the customer to "ship with another company next time". As heard on ManQueer

14. Gimme Yer Trackin' Number 2:51 - Jim Bob snaps for no reason - Must be the stress of working 15 hours a week. Cable Guy (Orlando)

15. Corrupt Admissions Director 5:28 - Willie abuses his position as admissions director of a University by trying to pick up on a girl. "...Bring me some malt liquor. We'll have a good time." Then her boyfriend calls back to confront Willie and can't figure out how on earth he became the admissions director in the first place.

16. Hip-No-Allergic 3:38 - Willie the beautician?!!!  The last job on EARTH you would expect Willie to be working! It doesn't get any more ridiculous.

17. Internet Service - Woman wants to cancel Internet Service but Willie just doesn't want to lose this customer's business.

18. Las Vegas Casino - Chick wants to book a guest at an affiliated casino. Willie offers a $10 a night stay in the boiler room, then the conversation drifts to banter about cocaine, etc.

19. Junkyard Willie doing stand up comedy 0:47 - Willie confronts a heckler and puts 'em to shame "Willie" style!