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Customer Care Creeps mini-album released Sept 2009

The TTT movie "dropped" September 16, 2008

Nostradamus predicted the release of TTT 4!

TTT aired on MTV2 - TTT returned to Crank Yankers on MTV2 in March of 2007

JW - Top selling shock comedy CD on Internet

The latest CD - Customer Service Crackpots

The next CD - Customer Care Creeps

TT Terrorists - Change the name? Get rid of the T word?

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Latest TTT / JW News

11/3/2009 - Customer Care Creeps has "dropped"

9/1/08 - The Junkyard Willie Movie: LOST IN TRANSIT has "droped"

12/11/06 - MTV2 ordered 8 new episodes of Crank Yankers, after 60 episodes previously aired on Comedy Central. MTV2 wound up licensing and airing 3 TTT calls (including Jive Ass Hussy, Birthday Present and Psychic Line).

1/28/03 - According to SoundScan The Junkyard Willie Prank Call Tapes / Customer Service Crackpots became the #1 best seller of shock comedy CD's in non-traditional stores (Internet). This was achieved in just 10 months!  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

- LA Weekly - Read an article on TTT.

- The 4th CD was honored (on page 80) in the June '02 issue of SPIN Magazine (Moby on the cover)

- Beware of censored Junkyard Willie and TTT CD's that are popping up on Ebay like this one.  Some people have emailed to ask why on earth we would censor the CD's. Well guess what... You didn't buy a store version! You evidently bought a radio CD version that was originally sent to a radio station who in turn illegally resold it to you via a third party! On Customer Service Crackpots these CD's contain 24 tracks (the last 2 calls are merely duplicate shorter variations of "I Wanna Cancel" and "Respect for Your Customers"). These CD's are usually identifiable because the bar code has a hole punched in it, however some do not. 




Back in 1998 or so Junkyard Willie made a funny prank call to a woman who we've been unable to locate. She had a home phone number that used to belong to a Phoenix area company called "Denis Electric". The woman kept saying among other things "There's no Denis here! This is not Denis Electric!" We are trying to contact her to see if she would like to be paid to allow the call to appear on the 5th album release. If you know anything about who this woman is please email.



Also if you ever worked or know anyone who worked at a shipping company customer support call center in Syracuse, NY around 2001 then please email. HINT: This company is no longer in business. We are looking for a girl who spoke on a 3-way conversation with both a customer and Vladimir the rude Russian a supposed other shipping company customer support rep!


The Junkyard Willie Movie: LOST IN TRANSIT

DVD release date: Tuesday September 16, 2008

A lot of people have emailed to ask why the movie has taken so long to complete. After literally YEARS of painstaking work re-shooting poorly shot scenes, picking up shooting partially shot or completely un-shot scenes, replacing poorly recorded and / or distorted sound, digitally changing "UPX" into "JPX" (as seen throughout the movie) due to lack of a script clearance, masking out uncleared copyrighted paintings and other stuff seen on camera the movie is FINALLY done. After only about 20 days (of the agreed upon 30 days) of principal photography were shot, I was unfortunately forced to begin working (on average) 40 hour weeks for about 4 years assuming various roles, most of which I had never done before, including producer, line producer, director, location scout, casting director, set builder, offline editor, online editor, After Effects touch-up artist, post production supervisor, foley recordist, dialog replacement sound engineer, post sound mixer, stereo and surround sound mixer, music supervisor, music score writer / performer, Dolby compressionist, DVD author, DVD graphics designer, etc.  Due to many issues I also had to file a lawsuit ( public information at the Van Nuys, CA courthouse - case number LASC LC 073562 ) against the "producer / director". This "producer / director", who ultimately never faced the music, declared bankruptcy, and was actually also sued by a line producer regarding another movie. Anyway that's why it took 5 years to get done! The official website is

  - RePete


ABOVE: SPIN Magazine TTT article!

BELOW: the actual casting notice that was placed in order to bring in phone calls. Listen to "Jim Bob's Casting Call" off "Permanent Lapse of Reason". That call came in as a result of this ad. Also the "Rude Lube" call originated as a misdialed number during the time that all of the actors were responding to the ad. This is why you hear "Stu" saying "Katzenberg Entertainment, this is Stu" at the start of the call.


More audio clips...

Johnny Dare (KQRC Kansas City) interview with Jim Bob & Junkyard Willie on 9-4-08

The rest of the story:  Jim Bob and the actual guy from "City Brake" are reunited on the Johnny Dare radio show - KQRC / Kansas City.

"We Get to Drink" - Hear the first time Howard Stern aired it!

Vladimir is the new sports reporter for WNWR 1540 AM giving his unique take on the Mountain West Football Conference, serving BYU students Russian Vodka, the "breakaway state" of Hawaii, etc. Interview dated 11/27/07

Jim Bob calls up WIP 610 AM Sports Talk to talk about the grammatical errors in Terrell Owen's book. It doesn't take long for the hosts to get tea bagged by Howard Stern's ball $@ck!

Just for fun.... Junkyard Willie does a little rapin' with some Guns 'n Roses (Appetite for Destruction) sound bites underneath. Pimp 'dem ho's, pimp 'em all, Turnin' tricks for the suits at city hall.

Junkyard Willie does a little Karaoke over Guns 'n Roses Mr. Brownstone (Appetite for Destruction available at

Junkyard Willie's rap song about pimpin'. Includes mention of Rasheed Wallace, Kimbo Slice and Dr. Dre.

New Junkyard Willie rap song called "Sick And Tired Of All These Pigs" - released 10-25-2010

New Junkyard Willie rap song "Big Daddy Willie" about pimpin' hos featuring Tweety Jackson - released 4-2-2011


Many have asked what gear I use to record my calls? Well here you go....

Yamaha SPX-90 or Yamaha SPX 90 II ($100 used) - I use the "pitch shift C" patch to make my voice sound like Willie, Stu, Blade, Tic Tac, Arianna Huffington, and Clarence.

Gentner SPH-3A phone hybrid ($150 - $300 used) or Gentner SPH 10 - There's many different brands and models of phone hybrids, including the new digital ones. The problem with the digital hybrids is that they pick up inbound calls as soon as they are powered on. When an inbound call comes in, by the time your equipment warms up (usually about 5 seconds) and you put your headphones on (a couple more seconds) the caller has usually already hung up. You want to have your equipment warmed up and ready to go so that you can say "Hello can I help you?" as soon as you pick up the call.

The Gentner models (including my favorite SPH-3A model which is about at least 14 years old) are no longer made but they are the only ones that I know work. Gentner actually got bought out by Comrex Corporation a few years ago.

Tascam 302 cassette deck ($75 used?) - If you plan on taking inbound calls you will need a recording device that warms up and is ready to go FAST! The Tascam 302 warms up in about 3 seconds. The Tascam 302 is also a top of the line professional quality cassette deck. Don't cut corners with a cheap deck that might fail in the middle of a great call!

You will record on two channels so that the volume levels of your voice and the caller's voice can later be balanced / mixed in post production. Set your record levels so that they peak at 0 db to + 6 db. If you record at levels that are too low you will start to introduce "tape hiss" noise. Record too loud and you'll get distortion. Ideally you want to strive to set all of your devices (that precede the cassette deck) to 0 db.

DBX 166 Compressor ($75 used) - Having a 2 channel compressor is a must to stop peak level distortion on both your voice and the caller's voice. You only get one chance to record a call properly without distortion, and if you will be recording onto cassette tape then more than ever you need to push levels into the 0 db to +6 db range, unlike digital recording which should never reach 0 db. NOTE: Turn "stereo couple" off. You want to run your voice through one dedicated channel and their voice through the other channel. The DBX 166 is an old vintage compressor but it sounds great. I think it sounds better than the newer DBX models.

Rane MS 1b ($75 used) or M-Audio Audio Buddy Preamp ($150) - You must use a preamp in order to run the microphone signal into the Gentner, unless you want to pay to have the Gentner modified to accept a "line level" input. It's cheaper to just buy the Rane MS 1b.

Audio Technica 3035 condenser mic ($200) or Shure SM-58 ($100) - I used a Shure SM-58 for most of my CD's though. Condensers (3035) have more clarity than cardioids (SM-58).

Cables, mic stand, pop screen (about $100)

Rolls DB25 ($30)

Uninterrupted Power Supply - Optional. Consider buying one of these if you want to protect against a power outage ruining a great call in progress!

Beringer UB502 mixer ($30) - optional if you want to play sound effects

Roland SP 404 sampler ($400) - optional if you want to play sound effects

How to connect it all?

**Roland SP-404 > Mixer Ch2 > (note: you are inserting into the mixer after the Yamaha because you don't want to alter the pitch of your sound effects)

Microphone > Audio Buddy Preamp Ch1 > Compressor Ch1 > Yamaha Ch1 > Mixer Ch1 > Rolls > Rane > Gentner SPH-3A Send (just your voice + sound effects)

Mixer split out > Tascam Ch1 In (just your voice + sound effects)

Gentner SPH-3A Caller Out > Compressor Ch2 > Tascam Ch2 In (mostly the caller's voice)

So if you want to shell out a bare minimum of about $700 plus shipping you can get started recording broadcast quality calls (legally of course - check your State & Federal laws). It ain't cheap. If you don't want to shell out the $$ then try one of those cheap Radio Shack recorders. I recorded "Rude Bird Brain" and "Calm Your Ass Down" on a $50.00 Radio Shack recorder.

Good luck.



More Controversy: Canadian DJ fired for airing TTT!

Josh Holiday from 102.1 the Edge in Toronto was fired for airing a TTT call that contained profanity!  Junkyard Willie salutes Josh and dedicates all of his hubcap sales this month to Josh. 




A New Look for Volumes 1 - 3


Eventually all 3 TTT CD's will be repackaged (although there is a very sizable inventory of volume 1). Customer Service Disasters has been the first to be repackaged with a new cover design! In retrospect the old brick wall design and the words on the front was a pretty stupid looking cover, and that didn't help much in attracting impulse buyers in stores. This time Blade has "graced" the cover. There are 2 "new" calls that have been added that have actually been aired on Stern before (Arianna Huffington call, and a call to cancel some Internet Service). The "Junkyard Romance" skit has been removed from the CD. We tried to do something like Cheech & Chong but it just wasn't happening. So snap up the remaining inventory.  Old TTT3 a collector's item?



Did Nostradamus predict the release of CD #4 ?


In the year 2002 and three months

Over wires the meek are lured into battle

They will bring to life the king of misfits

When they have observation from the Sternans


- Nostradamus 1566


Critical Analysis: Until recently this Nostradamous quadrain seemed so vague that most thought that it would likely come to pass as uneventful. But experts now believe that this prophesy could only be a reference to Junkyard Willie’s fourth CD release. The timeline coincides with the planned March 2002 release date.

   In the sixteenth century the telephone had of course not been invented, yet Nostradamous envisioned that battle would be waged over wires. In fact the forth CD will feature inbound calls from unsuspecting callers. The CD release theory holds form if one were to interpret meek are lured as meaning that innocent callers need to contact various businesses over the telephone lines.

   Bring to life could feasibly be interpreted to simply mean getting up to answer the phone. Of course the leader (or king) of prank calls is none other than Junkyard Willie. Willie's persona is anything BUT ordinary. He is rather a freakish individual – a misfit.

   The final line is less clear cut. Some experts hypothesize that it may mean that alien beings will observe and listen to the CD from afar. Others believe that Nostradamus was simply off on his spelling. Could he really have meant Stern Fans? If this were the case then the medium of observation would certainly be via radio. 



CD # 4 - the Junkyard Willie tapes 


1 hour and 8 minutes of ANGRY calls!  

The artist title of this 4th CD is "the Junkyard Willie Prank Call Tapes" INSTEAD of "Touch-Tone Terrorists". The album title is "Customer Service Crackpots".  So as not to sound like a repeat of the last CD, the Touch-Tone Terrorist disconnected ALL of his old numbers and started from scratch with all NEW phone numbers. So this CD has inbound calls for all new businesses such as a long distance phone companies, auto insurance companies, a psychic hotline, department stores, office supplies companies, an automobile "repo man", credit card companies, an auto rental company, and more. The auto insurance calls are REALLY funny. There's 6 of these calls from angry customers who want monetary compensation because of accidents caused by the OTHER driver.  CD #4 also debuts a new character: Vladimir Kuchkov, a Russian nationalist with an attitude. The finished CD has 22 calls totaling over 1 hour.  Twenty calls are inbound calls for various businesses, and there's one outbound call. Each call subject is not afraid to speak and scream out their thoughts and opinions!  Each call subject is quite a character! If you liked "Customer Service Disasters" then this CD is definitely for you! Get ready for some ANGRY calls! Click the calls that are underlined in blue to hear clips! Here's what appears on CD #4...  


1) Rent-A-Car - Jim Bob

2) I Wanna Cancel - Vladamir / Willie

3) Rude Russian Banker - Vladamir / Willie

4) Respect for Your Customers - Stu Jaimison / Willie

5) Wrongful Credit Card Charges - Willie

6) Junkyard Willie's Psychic Line - Vladamir / Willie

7) D.R.U.N.K. - Stu Jaimison

8) Insurance Settlement (part 1) - Jim Bob

9) Insurance Settlement (part 2) - Willie

10) Save the Drama - Willie / Jim Bob

11) Insurance Claim Check - Jim Bob

12) Red Neck Insurance Rep - Jim Bob

13) Cheap Ass - Stu Jaimison

14) Delrod Deliver da Mail - Clarence Washington

15) Shoe Sale - Jim Bob

16) You ARE the Trash - Blade 

17) Gimme a Ride Dude - Blade (outbound call)

18) Corrupt Phone Company - Willie, Jim Bob, Stu

19) Nasty Freak - Blade

20) Trashcan Lid Beating - Willie, Jim Bob

21) Red Neck Repo Man - Stu, Jim Bob

22) 3rd Delivery Notice - Jim Bob



Touch Tone Terrorist 5

The long awaited 5th TTT called Customer Care Creeps has finally been released.  There's only 7 new calls. It ain't much but it's something. It's currently only available via iTunes and Amazon.

By the way once in a while we get a hook, line & sinker email, reading something to the effect of....

"I'm a big TTT fan but this latest CD is obviously STAGED! I recognize RePete's voice doing all of the "caller" voices. Why would you even bother releasing such garbage?"

When people send these emails it's code for "I'm an illegal downloader and I'm complaining about the junk I downloaded for free" and it's always nice to have an email coupled with the database of IP Addresses that OnlineMediaGuard collects 24 / 7.

CLICK HERE to read the comical reviews and emails by illegal downloaders

CLICK HERE to hear the real audio samples


YOUR QUESTION: Why is this release only 1/3 of an album?


Anyone who thinks that releasing a prank phone call CD of inbound calls is as simple as recording a bunch of calls and then raking in the profits needs to get a reality check. It's actually a full time job. For me to record a whole new 70 minute CD would take about 2 years of full time work, acquiring tons of 800 numbers as they become available, writing and testing out prank call ideas, refining how I lead the caller on, locating the callers when an album quality call occurs (sometimes through a detective), approaching them to sign a release, paying them, then mastering the audio tracks and album art. Promoting a release takes about a month in advance of the release date. Preparing to battle file sharing takes about 4 months as well, and the battle that follows is on-going.  The total cost of releasing an album is about $15,000 (not including my invested time).


YOUR QUESTION: Why is it $5.99 on Amazon for only 7 calls?  I set the price as LOW as is allowed by my distributor, so don't blame me. I used to sell  hard copy CD's for only $3.75 on the website here. The album was released 2 1/2 years ago and I still have not yet broken even. My phone bills were substantial!


YOUR QUESTION: What are you up to now? Writing some progressive PsyTech songs under the name "Alien Disco Roadkill".


TTT #1 in Shock Comedy!

According to SoundScan Junkyard Willie recently became the #1 best selling shock comedy CD on Internet a mere 10 months after it’s release (thanks largely to Howard Stern)! 


Total "non-traditional" store sales (as of 5-25-03)

3,022 – The Junkyard Willie Tapes - Customer Service Crackpots

2,877 - Touch-Tone Terrorists - Customer Service Disasters **

2,848 - Tom Mabe - Revenge on the Telemarketers Volume 1

2,694 - Jim Florentine is Terrorizing Telemarketers Volume 1

2,704 - Denis Leary - No Cure for Cancer

2,693 - Chris Rock - Bigger and Blacker

2,586 - George Carlin - You're All Deceased

2,183 - Denis Leary – Lock ‘n Load

2,180 – Jerky Boys - Volume 1

2,072 - Touch-Tone Terrorists – Permanent Lapse of Reason **

1,734 - Touch-Tone Terrorists – Appetite for DisRuption **

1,525 - Sam Kinison - Have You Seen Me Lately

1,282 - George Carlin - You’re All Deceased

1,480 - Robert Schimmel - Unprotected

1,253 - Andrew Dice Clay - Face Up Ass Down

1,161 – Jerky Boys - Volume 2

1,070 - Robert Schimmel - If You Buy This CD I Can Have This Car


**At least 10,000 additional TTT CD's have sold via non-SoundScan reporting stores like and (before Amazon started reporting to SoundScan in 2000). Had reported to SoundScan sooner, and had we reported sales via then all 4 CD's would easily rank #1, #2, #3, and #4.



Clockwise from top left: "Blade", "Willie", "Jim Bob", and "Joe" the lone nice guy

In December 2001 I traveled to Vegas to record some prank calls for a new Comedy Central TV show called Crank Yankers, which is being produced by the Man Show people.  There were two calls featured on season #1: "We Get to Drink" off "Permanent Lapse of Reason" and "Should Have Sent it Sooner" off "Customer Service Disasters".

"Birthday Present" is scheduled to air on MTV2's Crank Yankers in 2007.



BELOW: Dressed in his 60's attire, "Blade" motivates himself to stand up for the TTT photo shoot. The burnt out ex-Flower Freaks bassist currently "exists" near Venice Beach, California. When it rains he finds refuge inside the green dumpster. Sometimes he passes out drunk in there. No word on how many times this dude has awakened to find himself at the landfill. When Blade feels like it he rides the bus to record prank calls at Infestation Records Studios.


And now 2 TTT trivia questions...

On the cover of "A Permanent Lapse of Reason" which phone book sits below the shopping cart (next to the beer can)?  

A. Montgomery, AL

B. Eastern Shore, AL

C. Gainesville, GA

D. Jackson, MS


...And what kind of beer is it that sits next to the phone book?

A. Meisterbrau

B. Old Milwaukee

C. Budwei$er

B. Podwelso


Scroll to the very bottom to find the answers... 

Some Noteworthy Airplay:

Conway & Steckler Show - KLSX Los Angeles 97.1 - "Shoe Sale" off Customer Service Crackpots was aired on the evening talk show.  A little snipit off the call where she says, "You a lower animal" has been played a LOT lately! Actually it sounds like she says "You a little animal", but who knows.

102.1 The Edge - Toronto CANADA - Someone emailed to say that they recently aired "You ARE the Trash".  TUne in to "Josh Holliday and the Nocturnal Emissions Show" and you're likely to hear more!

KZZP - Phoenix - Kid And Rubin Morning Show airs "I Wanna Cancel" on Sept 6, 2002. On November 13th they aired "Should Have Sent it Sooner" as part of their Dial Tone Delinquents segment.

Dwyer & Michaels Show - Davenport Iowa - Recently started airing TTT / JW a lot!

Howard Stern: In addition to multiple airings of 9 calls off "A Permanent Lapse of Reason" and "Customer Service Disasters", Stern has aired the unforgettable Crazy Alice VS Junkyard Willie clash, the prank on Joe the God Father, the porno movie prank on High Pitch Eric, as well as 2 calls that will be appearing on CD #4.

The Spud Brothers are known to give TTT a spin quite often on KVMI in Boise. 

We are told that WNCD in Youngstown Ohio airs TTT bits almost daily on the Big Radio Show. 

Rock 103 in Memphis created a TTT stir by airing City Brake, Ho De Do, Drunk Job Applicant, and Mongoloid Moron. Please let us know if you've heard anything off TTT 3.

KQRC in Kansas City has also been airing TTT a lot. Tune in to Johnny Dare in the morning! Seems Jim Bob is a favorite with listeners. We are told that Johnny Dare has actually run into a call subject off one of the 3 CD's! For privacy reasons we can't tell you which call (don't email us to ask either - We will never say).

If you listen to the Steve and DC Show (syndicated out of St. Louis) you may have heard Jim Bob call up (live on the air) to the Minnesota Vikings front office to get free tickets to the Rams/ Vikings playoff game. He claimed to be "Jim Bob Tarkington", brother of the great quarterback Fran. He said stuff like "My brother Fran is on an extended coon-huntin' trip and won't be back until after the game." A week later on the Steve and DC Show it was BLADE who called up the Georgia Dome to make final arrangements for his extreme pyromaniac halftime show. Please let us know if they have aired TTT 3. Do they still air prank calls?

Down in West Palm Beach/ Miami Florida 95.5 WLDI's Jo Jo and Mugz show aired TTT 3! We're told that one of the actual call subjects off Customer Service Disasters even called the station when she heard the CD being aired! What a small world!

KEDJ in Phoenix was airing TTT for a period of time. Let us know which tracks you've heard (on shows other than Howard Stern).


Should the name TOUCH-TONE TERRORISTS be dropped in favor of another name? 

Here's how YOU voted in late 2001....

NO = 60%

YES = 26%


365 total votes


It's just a name but since the Trade Center bombings the word "terrorist" has become a bad word to use in a name. Back in 1995 I wanted to come up with a name that is synonymous with "Prank Phone Caller". Some of the names that I kicked around were "Dial Tone Dim Wits", "Phone Freaks", and others. First I settled on "Phone Freaks" but once I got on the Internet I realized that there was already an artist going by "Phone Freak" (singular). Everyone was using the word "phone" in their name already. So I wanted something a bit different. Finally I zeroed in on the word "Touch-Tone". It didn't take long before the word "terrorist" was chosen to complete the name. "Terrorist" also started with a "T" and the word implied that these were some really crazy ass calls. 


Sure there are sensitive people who would say that I shouldn't have even used the word "terrorist" even BEFORE 9-11. Maybe if I lived in the Middle East then I would probably agree. But instead I have never even left the USA in my entire life. For cryin' out Corn Flakes I've only been outside of California for a total of about 1 month of my entire life! Furthermore I'm a product of the 80's, in which names like Slayer, Anthrax are COOL. If you're one to be offended merely by a NAME then certainly you should NOT be listening to prank calls to begin with! You are too sensitive! Look to Walt Disney for your entertainment. Me on the other hand... I've never been one to patronize political correctness. I can differentiate between fiction and reality. The word "terrorist" is used in a satirical, light hearted way. Besides George Carlin spelled it out already: At the root of every joke is an exaggeration.


Again it's just a name, and CD CONTENT is what it's really about. Nevertheless some retail store buyers (that choose what CD's to stock) may shy away from a name with the word "terrorists". I believe that it's happened ALREADY! Believe me it's impossible enough trying to get stores to stock independent CD's! Retailers kiss ass to major labels, while shunning independent distributed CD's.  If one buyer for all Best Buy stores or Musicland stores decides on a whim not to carry TTT, then I get royally screwed! Once sold out, the 2nd and 3rd CD's will be repackaged and renamed "the Junkyard Willie prank call tapes". 


- RePete







ABOVE LEFT: Some of you have heard the bootleg call "Scooter's Lawnmowers & Parts" about a fictitious company. Well now a guy named Jeff has emailed this image of an actual "Scooter's L@wnmower" store. Now hopefully someone will email some images of (what was revealed on KQRC to be) the brake shop in Kansas City (AKA City Brake off Appetite for DisRuption).





CLICK HERE to see a preacher who's name is "Willie Robinson".  He even LOOKS a little bit like Willie!

Past Radio Interviews:

KQRC - Kansas City - 4-9-03 -  Johnny Dare speaks to Jim Bob, Willie and Blade about the movie, motorized automobiles, Handicapped American Idol, and more...

Q105.5 - Davenport, IOWA - 10-17-02 - Interview on the Dwyer & Michaels Show includes an impromptu call to a truck stop and the airing of "Calm Your Ass Down" off Permanent Lapse of Reason.

KQRC - Kansas City - 8/26/02 - Johnny Dare has the actual call subject from City Brake on the phone! Jim Bob still insists that "Scooter" is close by the phone. RealAudio clip! (800K)

Wild 104 - Jerry Kidd - July 24, 2002 - Junkyard Willie, Jim Bob and Blade answer request line calls on the air! Download a RealAudio clip of Willie and Jim Bob taking a call. (800K)

98 Rock - Atlanta, GA - Interview with the Regular Guys - July 15, 2002 - 8:05 AM

Wild 95.5 FM - West Palm Beach, FL - July 1, 2002 - JoJo and Mocha talk to Willie, Jim Bob, and Blade.

Steve & DC Show (syndicated from St. Louis) - Late April 2002 - Blade prank calls (recorded just for the show) are aired.

Opie & Anthony (syndicated from NY) - 03/29/02 - 4:30 PM - Jim Bob and Willie trash the ManQueer, Willie likes A bigger Britney Spears butt, Blade offers to sell drugs to listeners, Willie argues with a caller.

KQRC - Kansas City - 3/22/02 - Johnny Dare talks to Jim Bob, Blade, Willie about fur burger, squack.

KQRC - Jan. 23, 2002 - 8 AM - Jim Bob talks about his attempt to join the Air Force, etc.

KVMI - Fargo, ND - January 2002

Spud Brothers - Boise, ID - interview

KVMI - Fargo, ND - Late July 2001 - 

KQRC Kansas City - Friday May 25, 2001 - Johnny Dare airs new call and talks to Jim Bob. 

CFRB - Toronto - Jim Richards Show - interview March 20, 2001

WSUW - Saucy Jack - Feb 6, 2001 - 6:30 PM - Jan 8, 2000 - 7:30 East Coast Time - Chaunce Hayden Show - Live internet radio interview

Teen Talk U.S.A. - Providence, RI - January 6, 2000 - 6:30 PM, Willie pranks a liquor store on the air.

Wild 95.5 - 8:45 PM - Nov. 28, 2000 - West Palm Beach, FL - Junkyard Willie and Jim Bob talk to Jo Jo, Willie pranks the program director on the air.

Q97 - Fresno, CA - Junkyard Willie makes on air prank call on rival station's DJ.

WZLT - 7:30 AM November 8, 2000

Spud Brothers - November 6, 2000 Boise ID - 7:30 AM

WQMF - Louisville, KY - Rocky & Troy Show - 10:05 AM November 6, 2000

KQRC - Tues. October 31st - 9:35 AM - Johnny Dare and Murphy Show

WASO Metairie, LA. October 25th @ 7 AM

WNWS - Jackson, TN - Harold Carter Show - 11:20 PM - October 20, 2000.

WHIR - Dayton, Ohio - 4 PM - October 17th

KSDO - San Diego - Scooter Show - Monday October 16th

KXNT in Las Vegas - Live Touch-Tone Terrorist interview at 7 AM, Thursday October 5th

WTUE - Dayton, Ohio - October 4th - Live interview - October 2nd - Interview with Lionel (from the Musacha Tapes!).

KQRC - Kansas City - August 4, 2000 - 7:30 Jim Bob talks with Johnny Dare.

Howard Stern Show - July - Junkyard Willie calls the show to try to rattle Mr. T.

Howard Stern Show - July - Prank call gag on High Pitch Eric.

WNCD - Youngstown OH - May 4, 2000 - Junkyard Willie and Old Man Louie call and leave messages to win nude house cleaning contest.

KQRC - Kansas City - Thursday April 13th 9:30 AM - on-air interview with Johnny Dare Show and HBO comedian Carlos Mancini

Howard Stern Show - March 7th, March 10th, March 12th - Prank call gag on Crazy Alice (done at the show).

Howard Stern Show - Thursday, March 13th 7:15 AM - Prank call gag on Joe the God Father (done at the show).

Howard Stern Show - Monday, Feb 28th - 8 AM - LIVE in person interview.

KQRC - Kansas City, MO. - Wed. Feb. 16, 2000 at 7:30 AM - LIVE on-air interview with Jim Bob the Retarded Hillbilly & Junkyard Willie.

WLIR - Long Island, NY. - Feb 8, 2000 at 9 AM - TTT "long distance telephone" interview. - Tune in Sunday Feb. 6, 2000 LIVE interview with C. Hayden.

Steve & DC Show (syndicated from St. Louis) - You've heard them 3 times during the month of February - including "Jim Bob Tarkington's" live on-air prank call to the Minnesota Viking's front office, and Blade's live on-air prank call to the Georgia Dome. 

The answers are B) Eastern Shore and D) Podwelso

Collector's item or piece of trash?

Only 2,000 of the original Appetite for DisRuption CD's were manufactured and sold. The audio on the CD is exactly the same as the ones currently being sold. CLICK HERE to view the old style tray card


Forget TTT / JW... Show me Britney!